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            Instrumentation and Methods
Metrological characterization of piezoelectric quartz tuning forks used as SNOM probes
M. Bressanutti, A. Boscolo, (Trieste University, Trieste, I), S. Prato, (A.P.E. Reasearch srl, Trieste, I)
Development of instrumentation for SNOM applications
F. Alasia¹, M. Bressanutti²´³, G. Picotto¹, M. Pisani¹, S. Prato³, B. Troian³,  A. Sosso¹ (¹Instituto di Metrologia, Torino, I, ² Trieste Universtity, Trieste, I,   ³ A.P.E. Research srl, Trieste, I.)

Consequences for the assessment of functional requirements with tactile instruments in nanometrology
S. Gröger¹, M. Dietsch¹, T. Dziomba², H. Winkler² (¹ TU Chemnitz,  DE, PTB Braunschweig, DE)
Artefacts in scanning near-field optical microscopy
P. Klapetek (Czech Metrology Inst., Brno, CR), I.,Ohlídal, (Faculty of Sciense, Masaryk University, Brno, CR)
Gwyddion-open source SPM analysis software
P. Klapetek (Czech Metrology Inst., Brno, CR), D. Necas (Faculty of Sciense, Masaryk University, Brno, CR)
Morphological filtering with Neural Networks
R. Krüger-Sehm, P. Bakucz (PTB Braunschweig, DE)
Interference device for measurements in nanorange
V.S. Kupko, I.V. Lukin, V.A., Risto, A. F. Kostin, S.B. Kovshov (NSC, Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Refractive index of air compensation by acoustic method for plane mirror interferometer
A. Lassila, v. Korpelainen (Mikes, Espoo, FI), L. Mihaljov (Acwaco Ltd., FI)
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A MEMS micro-tensile tester for characterising the mechanical properties of free-standing films
Z. Li, K. Herrmann, F. Pohlenz (PTB Braunschweig, DE)
Statistical processing of high complexity fringe patterns by using discrete Fourier analysis
V. Nascow, Fl. Garoi, D. Apostol (National Inst. For Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Bucharest, RO)
Facility and methods for the measurement of micro and nano forces in the range below 10-5N with a resolution of 10-12N (Development concept)
V. Nesterov (PTB-Braunschweig, DE)
Determination of modulation transfer function by imaging of square wave gratings with different periods in the nanometre range
M. Senoner, Th. Wirth, W. Unger (BAM, Berlin, DE)
Linear measurements in nanometer range in Russia
P.A. Todua ( Center for Surface and Vacuum Research, Moscow, RU), Yu.A. Novikov, A.V. Rakov,  (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moskow, RU), Yu.V. Ozerin (Micron Corp., Moscow, RU)
Scanning fluorescence microscopy with a lens colour filter
F. Quercioli, B. Tiribilli, M. Vassalli (CNR, Instituto dei Sistemi Complessi, Firenze, I), G. Molesini , M. Vannoni (CNR, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica Applicata, Firenze, I) , U. Wendt (Otto v. Guericke Univers. Magdeburg, DE) M. Smid (Carleton Univers. Ottawa, Canada) K. Stiebe-Lange (Otto v. Guericke Univers. Magdeburg, DE)
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          Calibration & Corr. Methods
Calibration of optical encoder by combining graphite crystalline lattice an laser interferometry 
M. Aketagawa, Y. Ikeda, N. Tanyarat, M. Ishige (Nagaoka University of Technology, JP)
Investigation of a probing force standard for stylus instruments
G. Dai, U. Brand, L. Doering, H.-U. Danzebrink (PTB Braunschweig, DE)

Calibrate micro and nanoscale lateral standards using metrological SFM
G. Dai, F. Pohlenz, T. Dziomba, M. Xu, L. Koenders, H.-U. Danzebrink (PTB Braunschweig, DE), Z. Chen, J. Zhou (Inst. of MinR. Koops (NMi VSL, Delft, NL)
Quantitative line width measurement down to 100 nm by means of optical dark field microscopy and rigorous model-based evaluation
G. Ehret, B. Bodermann, W. Mirandé(PTB Braunschweig, DE)

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A nanoscale linewidth standard for high resolution optical microscopy
U. Huebner 1), W. Morgenroth 1), R. Boucher 1), H.-G. Meyer 1), W. Mirandé 2), E. Buhr 2), G. Dai 2), T. Dziomba 2), R. Hild 3), N. Schwarz 4) ,T. Fries 4)   ( 1) Institute for Physical High Technology, Jena, DE, 2) PTB Baunschweig, DE, 3) HTWK, Naurwissenschaften, Leipzig, DE, 4) FRT GmbH, Bergisch-Gladbach, DE)
A method for the in situ determination of Abbe errors and their correction
R. Köning, J. Flügge, H. Bosse, (PTB Braunscheig, DE)
Control of AFM tip wear
F. Marinello, E. Savio, (University of Padova, Padova, IT)
Use of cylindrical artefact for AFM vertical calibration
F. Marinello, E. Savio, (University of Padova, Padova, IT)
Ge (Si) self-assembled islands as possible topography standards on the nanometre scale
M.V. Shaleev, A.V. Novikov (Institute for Physics of Microstructures, RussianAcademy of Sciences, Nizhny Novgorod, RU), T. Dziomba, R. Krüger-Sehm (PTB Braunschweig, DE)
Test object for SEM calibration in nanometer range
P.A. Todua ( Center for Surface and Vacuum Research, Moscow, RU), Yu.A. Novikov, A.V. Rakov,  (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moskow, RU), Yu.V. Ozerin (Micron Corp., Moscow, RU)

P25 Self calibration technique to check SPM for artefacts and calibration errors 
M. Xu, L. Koenders, T. Dziomba, (PTB Braunschweig, DE) 

An atomic force microscope for the study of tip-sample interaction
A. Yacoot (NPL, Teddington, UK) , L. Koenders, H. Wolff (PTB, Braunschweig, DE)
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SEM Linewidth Measurements at anisotropically etched silicon structures smaller than 0.1 µm
C.G. Frase, W. Häßler-Grohne, H. Bosse (PTB Braunschweig, DE), Y.A. Novikov, A.V. Rakov ( Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, RU)

What is the real surface? – Is there a correlation between the mechanical surface and the electro-magnetic surface? 
S. Gröger (TU Chemnitz, DE), T. Dziomba, H. Winkler (PTB Braunschweig, DE)
AFM Analysis of MgB2-Nanostructures
C. Portesi, S.Borini, (CNR-Istituto di Metrologia “G.colennetti” (INRIM), Torino, I) E. Monticone (Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale “Galileo Ferraris” (INRIM), Torino, I)  
Surface studies of weights with AFM 
L. Stenlund, K.Riski, V. Korpelainen (MIKES, Espoo, FI)
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Post deadline posters
CD-AFM vs CD-SEM for LER and LWR measurements
J. Foucher (CEA/LETI, Grenoble, FR)
A new metrology tool for measuring aspheres
J. Koglin, G.Jakob, M. Meyer, T. Fries ( Fries Research & Technology GmbH FRT, Bergisch Gladbach, DE)
Imaging Laser-Diffractometer for traceable grating pitch calibration
J.R. Pekelsky, P.R., Nistico, B.J. Eves, J.E. Decker (INMS/NRC, Ottawa, CA)
Increase of maximum detectable slope with optical profilers, through controlled tilting and image processing
F. Marinello 1), P. Bariani 2), A. Pasquini 3), L., De Chiffre 4), M. Bossard 2), G.B. Picotto 3) (1) University of Padova, DIMEG, IT, 2) Schaefer Italia Srl, IT, 3) Italian National Research Institute of Metrology, INRiM, IT, 4) Technical University of Denmark, IPL, Denmark )
Nanoscale deformation inspection of micro-components using optical interferometry
S. H. Wang, G. X. Tan and S. L. Tan (National Metrology Centre, Spring, SG)
PD6 Correction of structure width measurements performed with a combined shear-force/Tunneling microscope
A. Sikora, (Electrotechnical Institute, PL)

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