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Last update: 31/03/2006



The fee is 160 EURO and will include proceedings, beverages and lunch both days and a get-together on Monday

We strongly recommend to pay in advance - preferrably until April 10th - by bank transfer (if you live within the European Union) in euros to this account in Germany:

Bank: Nord/LB Braunschweig
Account Holder: Competenz Centr. (CC UPOB) eV
IBAN: DE28 2505 0000 0001 1691 19

(Within Germany: Konto 11 69 119, BLZ 250 500 00 will do as alternative to IBAN & BIC/SWIFT)

In any case, please make sure that you cover all banking fees (especially if you pay from outside the EU) so that a total amount of 160 euros actually arrives on the account at Nord/LB (otherwise the participant will be kindly asked to pay the rest in cash upon check-in)

Bank transfers within the Euro Area should anyway not exceed the costs of domestic bank transfers.

You will receive a receipt upon check-in.

If you need a receipt or a confirmation of your bank transfer before the seminar, please contact Thorsten.Dziomba(a)

If a bank transfer is too inconvenient resp. too expensive to you (e. g. for those outside the EU), you may also pay (preferrably in euros, cash only) at the conference desk upon check-in to the seminar.

Please note:

Credit cards, EC cards, cheques, etc. will not be accepted!

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