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Last update: 04/04/2006


Deadline for abstract submission was Dec 2nd, 2005

All participants will receive a booklet of abstracts upon check-in.

The programme - incl. all talks and posters - can already be downloaded as pdf-file.


mst coverIt is intended to publish full manuscripts as conference proceedings as a Special Issue of MEASUREMENT SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY (MST). A special submission & reviewing procedure has been agreed with the publishing company (which differs from the usual MST submission procedure); please observe the following hints and the time schedule:

Please to NOT submit your manuscript directly to IoP!

Until April 10th, 2006

In order to ensure a smooth check-in, we would like to suggest to arrange the payment of the seminar fee by bank transfer until April 10th, 2006.

This is also the deadline for registration to the seminar for those who have not yet done this.

April 24th, 2006

Please hand over your printed manuscript (3 copies) upon check-in at the seminar in the early morning of April 24th. The text should already be complete as well as the figures and the list of references. There are no specific rules for the layout at this stage.

If you wish to submit a digital version already at this early stage, please send it to Kathrin.Wolff(a) by e-mail (if < 4 MB) resp. ask for using the Nanoscale ftp-Server. In this first stage, images are not needed in highest-possible resolution.

Until mid-May

The scientific committee reserves the right to make a preselection resp. to encourage authors to submit a full paper.

You will receive a response on your manuscript of 24th April by e-mail from the scientific committee shortly after the seminar, and will be given further instructions on the final digital submission of your manuscript.

The deadline for this digital submission will most probably be mid-May 2006.

All papers shall be reviewed following the guidelines for referees issued by the Journal and normal refereeing standards of the Journal shall be maintained. For further details on the manuscript format and the reviewing process, please see: Guidelines for Authors

(Please bear in mind, however, that our special Nanoscale proceedings submission procedure differs from the usual IoP submission)

If you feel that you have any questions, please contact Thorsten.Dziomba(a) 

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