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Press releases 2011

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Here you find a list of actual PTB press releases. Press releases of the previous years can be found in the archives of press releases.

Change at the top of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
The physicist Joachim Ullrich is to become the 14th president in the 125-year history of PTB
DCF77 will be preserved in the long run
Extension of the agreement between Media Broadcast GmbH and PTB on the operation of the long-wave transmitter DCF77
Magnetic Nanoswitch for Thermoelectric Voltages
Due to a recently discovered effect in magnetic tunnel structures, thermoelectric voltages in nano-electronic junctions can be controlled
Single Ions - Extremely Cool
QUEST researchers from PTB and from Hanover bring a single magnesium ion to a standstill by means of novel, simple laser cooling.
Better insights into the disease multiple sclerosis
Cooperation project of PTB and Charité helps to better monitor the course of the disease and to evaluate the effect of medication
A big step towards the redefinition of the kelvin
PTB scientists determine a new value of the Boltzmann constant - The international community of scientists wants to redefine all base units with the aid of fundamental constants
Pan-European research project for clean air
Metrology institutes develop novel measuring methods for soot particles in diesel exhaust gases, as well as for platinum and mercury residues in the air
Cleaner yet with ultrasound
PTB develops a testing method to optimize ultrasonic baths
Tactile microprobe for micro-coordinate measuring machines
Measuring and calibrating by means of hybrid silicon technology at CONTROL 2011
Smallest surface sensors using MEMS technology
Micro- and nanoforce sensors at the SENSOR + TEST 2011 in Nuremberg
Rheumatism in the finger? Software decides objectively
Analytical procedure developed at PTB supports diagnosis of rheumatism
Extremely fast MRAM data storage within reach
Patented PTB invention solves the problem of "magnetic ringing"
Accurate measurement of radioactive thoron possible at last
PTB develops first primary standard worldwide for calibration of thoron measuring instruments
Call for the Helmholtz Prize 2012
Award for precision measurements in physics, chemistry and medicine
Exploring the micro- and nano world while still at school
Scanning force microscope for schools developed at PTB will be presented at the Didacta trade fair in Stuttgart
The "new" kilogram is approaching
Avogadro constant determined with enriched silicon-28
PTB´s most reliable atomic clock is ticking again
CS2 received 10 grammes of caesium for the next 20 years
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