MiND-IBCT Workshop (Micro- and Nano-Dosimetry for Ion Beam Cancer Therapy)

The workshop took place on 07-09 May 2014 at MedAustron in Wiener Neustadt.

In the table below you can see a schedule of the workshop. In case the authors gave permission to publish their presentation the slides can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the presentation.


R. Mayer

Welcome to MedAustron

H. Rabus

The role of microdosimetry and nanodosimetry
for biologically relevant radiation quantities



Session 1: Introducing Micro- & Nanodosimetry in clinical practice

G. Magrin

Radiation quality measurements of ion beams:
clinical feasibility and possible implementations

E. Scifoni

Dose modifiers with particle beams from track structure
 to treatment planning


Session 2: Biophysical models and biological aspects

G. Cabal

The dependency of the alpha and beta parameters from the LQ model
 on LET: a bayesian model selection perspective

T. Friedrich

RBE for Therapy: Development of the Local Effect Model
and uncertainty assessment based on the PIDE data base

K.M. Prise

Understanding spatial and temporal track structure effects
with clinically relevant ion beam studies in biological systems

F. Ballarini

A biophysical model linking DNA damage,
chromosome aberrations and cell death


G. Magrin

Session 3: Track structure calculations

W. Friedland

Track structure and initial DNA-damage simulation
for ion energies around the Bragg- Peak

M. Davídková

Carbon ion beam quality: LET spectra calculated by Geant4
at different positions along and around ion beam

M. Bug

Simulation of electron tracks in water and DNA medium

C. Villagrasa

Track structure calculations with the Geant4-DNA toolkit and ongoing developments

R. Schulte

A novel approach to particle therapy radiation metrology based on nanodosimetry - concepts and first results

Discussion: Biophysical models linking track structure and biological effects

B. Heide

A Percolation Model for Calculating SSB- and DSB- yield


H. Palmans

Session 4: Experimental Micro- and Nanodosimetry

P. Colautti

Microdosimetry of therapeutic hadron beams

S. Chiriotti

Critical assessment of physical data to calibrate microdosimetric spectra

S. Galer

Micro-calorimeters directly measuring lineal energy

S. Agosteo

Experimental microdosimetry at nanometric level

G. Hilgers

Challenges in track structure nanodosimetry

V. Conte

Experimental nanodosimetry of carbon ions



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