The Project

Magnetic sensors can be found in a broad range of products in various industrial fields like consumer electronics, information and communication technology (ICT), and automotive. The fast product development in these fields creates the need for advanced magnetic sensors having significantly improved specifications with respect to resolution, reliability, size, signal to noise ratio, and operation temperature, among others. Within this JRP the metrological framework will be provided that is required to tackle the challenges in development, production as well as testing and calibration of advanced industrial magnetic sensors. The scope of the technical work packages is as follows: WP 1 will develop metrology for development and testing of advanced AMR sensors. WP 2 will expand the parameter range of traceable calibration of advanced magnetic sensors to meet present and future stakeholder requirements. WP 3 will develop metrological tools for traceable characterization and industrial in line testing of spin torque sensor materials and devices and is supported by a REG preparing advanced tunnel magnetoresistance sensors. WP 4 will develop procedures to validate micromagnetic simulation tools used for sensor development. WP 5 supported by a REG will develop metrology for the characterization of future advanced magnetic and spintronic sensor concepts. The results of these technical work packages will be directly disseminated to the European stakeholders. For example, the direct dissemination of new metrology for advanced AMR sensors (WP1) to the world leading European AMR manufacturers will enable European based development of future ultra small and yet low-noise and high-sensitivity AMR sensor devices. Thus this JRP will enable the European magnetic sensor industry to strengthen its leading position in the global competition in development, production, and application of advanced magnetic sensors.


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