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Measurement comparison of goniometric scatterometry and coherent Fourier scatterometry

Author(s): J. Endres, N. Kumar, P. Petrik, M.-A. Henn and B. Bodermann
Journal: Proc. SPIE 9132
Year: 2014
Month: May
Day: 1
Event name: Optical Micro- and Nanometrology V
Event place: Brussels, Belgium
Event date: April 14, 2014
DOI: 10.1117/12.2052819
Abstract: Scatterometry is a common tool for the dimensional characterization of periodic nanostructures. In this paper we compare measurement results of two different scatterometric methods: a goniometric DUV scatterometer and a coherent scanning Fourier scatterometer. We present a comparison between these two methods by analyzing the measurement results on a silicon wafer with 1D gratings having periods between 300 nm and 600 nm. The measurements have been performed with PTB’s goniometric DUV scatterometer and the coherent scanning Fourier scatterometer at TU Delft. Moreover for the parameter reconstruction of the goniometric measurement data, we apply a maximum likelihood estimation, which provides the statistical error model parameters directly from measurement data.

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