< Two invited presentations at EMSA 2016 by SpinCal partners
15.06.2016 11:59 Age: 2 yrs

JRP contributions to 'Spin Caloritronics 7'

Researchers from the JRP Consortium will present their latest achievements to Stakeholders and to the scientific community at Spin Caloritronics 7 conference (Utrecht, The Netherlands, 11-15 July 2016).

The following presentations about the JRP research are scheduled:

  • "Nanoscale detection of domain wall position by the anomalous Nernst effect" by Patryk Krzysteczko, PTB (invited talk)
  • "Thermal spin currents in magnetic heterostructures" by Günter Reiss, Bielefeld University (invited talk)
  • "Quantitative characterization of Longitudinal Spin Seebeck Effect devices by heat flow measurements" by Alessandro Sola, INRIM
  • "Non equilibrium thermodynamics of the spin Seebeck effect" by Vittorio Basso, INRIM
  • "Tunneling magnetothermopower as a function of the MgO thickness" by Tim Böhnert, INL
  • "Investigation of magnetization reversal of MTJ nanopillars in the presence of laser induced thermal gradients", by Hangfu Yang, Mark Bieler, Xiukun Hu, Tim Böhnert, Ricardo Ferreira, Paulo P. Freitas, Santiago Serrano-Guisan, Hans Werner Schumacher (PTB, INL)