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The 'SpinCal EXL04' Joint Research Project has produced so far:

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Domain wall magneto-Seebeck effect

Author(s): Patryk Krzysteczko, Xiukun Hu, Niklas Liebing, Sibylle Sievers and Hans W. Schumacher
Journal: Physical Review B
Year: 2015
Month: October
Day: 6
Volume: 92
Issue: 140405(R)
Pages: 140405-1-5
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.92.140405
Abstract: The interplay between charge, spin, and heat currents in magnetic nanostructures subjected to a temperature gradient has led to a variety of novel effects and promising applications studied in the fast-growing field of spin caloritronics. Here, we explore the magnetothermoelectrical properties of an individual magnetic domain wall in a permalloy nanowire. In thermal gradients of the order of few K/μm along the long wire axis, we find a clear magneto-Seebeck signature due to the presence of a single domain wall. The observed domain wall magneto-Seebeck effect can be explained by the magnetization-dependent Seebeck coefficient of permalloy in combination with the local spin configuration of the domain wall.

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