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The 'SpinCal EXL04' Joint Research Project has produced so far:

  • 24 papers in peer-reviewed journals, among which:
  • 5 papers in journals with Impact Factor greater than 5

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Broadband ferromagnetic resonance characterization of GaMnAs thin films

Author(s): A. Ben Hamida, S. Sievers, K. Pierz and H. W. Schumacher
Journal: Journal of Applied Physics
Year: 2013
Month: September
Day: 28
Volume: 114
Issue: 12
Pages: 123704-1-4
DOI: 10.1063/1.4823740
Abstract: The precessional magnetization dynamics of GaMnAs thin films are characterized by broadband network analyzer ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) in a coplanar geometry at cryogenic temperatures. The FMR frequencies are characterized as function of in-plane field angle and field amplitude. Using an extended Kittel model of the FMR dispersion, the magnetic film parameters such as saturation magnetization and anisotropies are derived. The modification of the FMR behavior and of the magnetic parameters of the thin film upon annealing is analyzed.

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