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Theory of Interacting Quantum Systems


To develop the metrological tools that are required for fields such as nanotechnology it is essential to have a good understanding of the basic physical principles that are needed to describe these systems.
In our group, we study different aspects of the behaviour of very small systems that consist of strongly interacting particles, e.g., quantum dots and quantum wires, as well as bose and fermi gases. We also work on the theory of macroscopic quantum systems, e.g., normal and superfluid helium. This research deals with issues that are of relevance to other areas where fundamental questions arise, e.g., problems in quantum physics, quantum computing, mathematical physics and inverse problems

Some of the problems investigated by our group include:

  • Functional renormalization group methods for the description of bosonic and fermionic systems.
  • Quantum fluids.
  • Correspondence between classical and quantum systems, decoherence.
  • Maximum entropy methods for the solution of inverse problems.

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