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Department 7.4


  • Primary thermometry (determination of thermodynamic temperatures) in the temperature range from about 1 K to above 2000 °C by means of noise thermometry and gas thermometry
  • New determination of Boltzmann's constant for the new definition of the Kelvin
  • Realisation of the Provisional Low Temperature Scale PLTS-2000 from 1 mK to 1 K by Helium-3 melting-pressure thermometry and reference points
  • Realisation of the International Temperature Scale ITS-90 from 0.65 K to 962 °C by means of vapour-pressure thermometry, gas thermometry, temperature fixed points and platinum resistance thermometers
  • Dissemination of temperature scales from 1 mK to 273 K by calibration of thermometers and reference samples
  • Calibration of standard platinum resistance thermometers from 14 K to 962 °C
  • Calibration of other contact thermometers in the temperature range from −80 °C to 1600 °C
  • Development of new techniques for approximating the ITS-90 in the temperature range from 0 °C to 2200 °C (special fixed points and thermocouples)
  • Development of new calibration methods and transfer standards
  • Investigation of superconductive reference point samples, temperature sensors and thermal measurement errors
  • Development of temperature measurement solutions for industry
  • Investigation of thermophysical properties of gases for energy transition
  • Specific tasks for the German national accreditation body (DAkkS) and for the German calibration service DKD, measurand temperature
  • Collaboration at thermometry organisations and legal bodies (CCT, CODATA, EURAMET, Coomet, OIML, IEC, DIN, VDI/VDE)

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