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Surface Metrology

Department 5.1

Tasks and aims

Department 5.1 - "Surface Metrology"


  • is responsible for the traceability of lengths and of parameters in surface metrology, i.e.
  • for the calibration of step and depth setting standards
  • for the calibration of roughness standards
  • for the calibration of hardness reference blocks
  • for the calibration of the layer thickness
  • for the calibration of the resistant to bending of cantilevers and of the stiffness of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) 

This Department …

  • participates in the elaboration of standards and directives for surface metrology in national (VDI, DKD, DIN) and international committees (ISO, IMEKO),
  • pursues and supports the development of standards and reference objects in the field of surface metrology, i.e. for tactile and optical procedures and for methods using scanning force microscopes, as well as for hardness and layer thickness metrology,
  • is active in the field of research and development of new measuring instruments and measurement procedure as well as algorithms for the analysis and evaluation of data.


Opens internal link in current windowProfile scanner
Fast surface measurements (roughness, E-module, hardness, deposits) with Si microprobes in injection nozzles.


Opens internal link in current windowLight-induced force
Proof of the theoretically predicted light attraction between coplanar plates with small distance.


Mono-atomic step standards
Processing procedure and measurement capabilities on mono-atomic steps on otherwise atomically smooth SI surfaces.


Lateral resolution standards
Geometry, manufacture, measurement and evaluation procedure of lateral resolution standards for microscopy and tactile measurement procedures


Opens internal link in current windowSoftware development for roughness parameter determination
Development of software standards for determination of the roughness parameters from surface measurement values.



Information and the most important publications of the Department




Opens external link in new windowNanoScale 2016 Poland
from 9 to 11 of March 2016

Organization of the seminar in cooperation with the Technical University of Wrocław, Opens external link in new windowFaculty of Microsystem Electronics and Photonics, Prof. Dr. Teodor Pawel Gotszalk and PTB.
The seminar deals with subjects of quantitative microscopy, calibrations in the nano-scale range and with measurement specifications and standards. The seminar event took place for the 11th time (since 1995). Opens external link in new windowmore.


Selected publications 

Opens external link in new windowFinal report on APMP.L-K8: International comparison of surface roughness
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Opens external link in new windowDevelopment of a traceable profilometer for high-aspect-ratio microstructures metrology.
Xu, M., Kirchhoff, J. & Brand, U. Surf. Topogr. Metrol. Prop. 2  (2014) 024002

Opens external link in new windowCharacterization of a traceable profiler instrument for areal roughness measurement
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Opens external link in new windowIn-situ nondestructive characterization of the normal spring constant of AFM cantilevers.
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Opens external link in new windowNanoindentation
Michailidis, N.; Bouzakis, K.-D.; Koenders, L.; Herrmann, K.; CIRP encyclopedia of production engineering (2014)

Opens external link in new windowA nanonewton force facility to test Newton’s law of gravity at micro- and submicrometer distances
Nesterov, V., Buetefisch, S., Koenders, L.,  Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 525 (2013) 728–737 DOI 10.1002/andp.201300057

Opens external link in new windowLight-induced attractive force between two metal bodies separated by a subwavelength slit,
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Opens external link in new windowImproved measurement results for the Avogadro constant using a 28Si-enriched crystal
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Opens external link in new windowPositioning errors in coherence scanning interferometers: determination of measurement uncertainties with novel calibration artifacts
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Opens external link in new windowModelling and simulating scanning force microscopes for estimating measurement uncertainty: a virtual scanning force microscope
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Opens external link in new windowThe European nanometrology landscape
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Opens external link in new windowAspects of scanning force microscope probes and their effects on dimensional measurement
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