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Gas Meters

Working Group 1.42


The working group "gas meters" is responsible for the traceability of the measurands "volume" and "flow rate" of gas to the base units of the SI-System. For this purpose several piston provers (5 cm³/h to 1 m³/h) as well as a gas bell (1 m³/h to 100 m³/h) are available. With test facilities scaled up from these standards, gas meters can be calibrated at flow rates between 0,1 m³/h and 28 000 m³/h using atmospheric air. A test rig for the analysis of the metrological properties of gas meters in the temperature range between -40 °C and +70 °C is in project.
Within the scope of the legal tasks of the PTB, the working group handles applications for type approvals and conformity assessments, respectively, for gas meters, conversion devices and additional equipment for which an approval is obligatory. Further, the working group consults the applicants. It represents the PTB in national and international organisations (e.g. DVGW, VV, OIML, WELMEC) and works in standardisation bodies (CEN, DIN). To assure the traceability of industrial test rigs, the group carries out accreditations in the framework of DKD.