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The increasing miniaturization of components and assemblies require new manufacturing methods.


  • Development of bonding and connection technologies for miniaturized components and assemblies
  • Development of manufacturing machines and methods for micro-mechanical components
  • Handling and assembly of very small components and subassemblies, including REM
  • Investigation and development of manufacturing and assembly operations, in particular, joining


  • Multi-axis machine tool for use in the SEM
  • Large Chamber Scanning Electron Microscope with RE-and SE-detector, EDX
  • SEM Zeiss DSM-960 with RE, SE and channel plate detector
  • Extensive measurement technology with vision, motion and DAQ
  • Laminar flow bench for up to class 100 clean room conditions
  • Low pressure plasma system with possibility for cleaning, activation and etching
  • Sputter coater

Micro-assembly robot in the

Rubin tetrahedron
-sphere diameter of
110 microns

Kinematics of the
patent-pending six-axis
robot assembly

Experimental setup for
high-precision positioning with
increments in the nm range

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