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Fabrication of Measuring Instruments
Working Group 5.52


In the working group Fabrication of Measuring Instruments held the assembly of the measuring instruments and test equipment.
The necessary construction documents and items come mostly from the other working groups of the department. The working group Messger├Ątebau but also has ample manufacturing technologies to carry out necessary adaptation work or also manufacture items themselves to. The construction of the new devices are often directly on site. In addition to the procedures for the positive connection come the cohesive techniques such as welding are used.

The remit of the Working Group Fabrication of Measuring Instruments the tool is one tool with the output of the heat treatment of materials, tool grinding and the hardness test





Head of Working Group

Peter Wagner
Phone: +49 531 592-5520
Email: Peter.Wagner@ptb.de







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Working Group 5.52
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Members of the Working
Groups 5.52 und 5.53

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