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Calibration of Roughness Parameters
Working Group 5.15

Tasks and aims

The properties of a surface are characterized by a great number of parameters which have mostly been defined in surface metrology standards. It is the Working Group’s task to calibrate these parameters for measurement standards used for the calibration of surface measuring instruments.
The aim of the Working Group is to achieve a better comparability of the measurement results in the calculation of surface parameters.

Main focus:

  • Calibration of roughness standards and depth-setting standards by means of the profile method and optically
  • Development and maintenance of the reference software for roughness me-trology (measurement standard of type F2 according to ISO 5436-2)


Head of Working Group

Dipl.-Ing. Lena Jung-Albrecht
+49 531 592 5124
 +49 531 592-5105


Kathrin Wolff
  +49 531 592-5101
  +49 531 592-5105


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Working Group 5.15
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