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Surface Metrology
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Within the Co-Nanomet project (FW 7) the needs and requirements for an successfully support of the European nanometrology have been developed.

Some of the published documents like
- Introductory Guide to Nanometrology,
- Nanometrology Discussion Papers 2011,
- Critical Dimensions, Scanning Probe Techniques and Thin Film Metrology,
 are available at the web-page of the project coordinator euspen www.euspen.eu/nanometrology

Tasks and aims

Traceable measuring techniques for dimensional variables of surfaces are the basis for an accompanying quality assurance in research, development and production. In particular for the field of nano-technology there is an additional strong linkage between dimensional and other physical and chemical properties.
The group Surface Metrology regards it as its goal to develop and to improve measurement devices and instruments for the measurement of small structures on surfaces in the fields of micro system technique, nano-technology and the surface measuring techniques (roughness -, hardness - and layer thickness, etc.) in order to reach smaller uncertainties surely. This includes the development and calibration of standards for the dissemination of dimensional properties to DAkkS and industry too.
The group is involved in the Avogadro project as well as in several national and international projects.

Working Groups


Head of Department

Dr. rer. nat. Ludger Koenders
Phone: 0531 592-5100
E-Mail: ludger.koenders@ptb.de


Kathrin Wolff
Phone: 0531 592-5101
Fax: 0531 592-5105
E-Mail: kathrin.wolff@ptb.de


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