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Realisation of Legal Time in Germany

The difference between CET or CEST and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is given by

CET    = UTC + 1h,
CEST  = UTC + 2h.

Daylight saving time (DST) was introduced in Germany by a decree of the Federal Government. The most recent related decree (Bundesgesetzblatt 2001 part 1, vol. 35, p. 1591, July 2001) states that beginning with 2002 and until further notice, daylight saving time shall be introduced between the last Sunday of March and the last Sunday of October.

In Germany, DST was established during wartime and more recently since 1980. All member states of the European Union follow the same schedule with respect to DST. World-wide several other schedules exist.

The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt PTB is entrusted by the Time Act to realise and disseminate legal time to the public. The most popular means is the transmission of standard frequency and time signals by the transmitter DCF77 (Working Group 4.42).

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Regulations regarding calendar, date, and time in Germany:

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DST regulations and public holidays in other countries:

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