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StructureDiv. 3 Chemical Physics and Explosion Protection > 3.6 Intrinsic Safety and Safety of Systems
Explosionsgeschützte Sensorik und Messtechnik
Department 3.6


The Department 3.6 works with actual, application-oriented research projects in the area of intrinsic safety, e.g.

  • Ignition by a.c. voltages in particular for field bus systems
  • Theoretical computational modelling of the ignition behavior of intrinsically safe networks
  • Intrinsic safety under non-atmospheric conditions
  • Investigations for the explosion protection of optical radiation sources.

Working groups


Dir. u. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Johannsmeyer
Tel.: +49(0)531-592-3600
Fax: +49(0)531-592-3605
E-Mail: Ulrich Johannsmeyer

Gerlinde Haas
Tel.: +49(0)531-592-3630
E-Mail: Gerlinde Haas

Tanja Eckert
Tel.: +49(0)531-592-3601
E-Mail: Tanja Eckert

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