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Safety Characteristic Data / Sicherheitstechnische Kenngrößen Volume 1: Flammable Liquids and Gases / Brennbare Flüssigkeiten und Gase


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The second extended edition of the book "Sicherheitstechnische Kenngrößen" is based upon recommended characteristic safety data of the database CHEMSAFE. This edition is bilingual english and german. The first of two volumes "Flammable Liquids and Gases / Brennbare Flüssigkeiten und Gase" deals with flammable liquids and gases. It is edited by PTB. The second volume "Explosion Regions of Gas Mixtures / Explosionsbereiche von Gasgemischen" has been published by the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM).

Volume 1 contains on 660 pages safety characteristics of about 2100 flammable liquids and gases:

  • flashpoint
  • autoignition temperature
  • explosion limits
  • limiting oxygen concentration
  • minimum ignition energy
  • maximum experimental safe gap
  • maximum explosion pressure

Furthermore some important thermophysical quantities are tabulated like

  • boiling temperature
  • vapour pressure as a function of temperature
  • melting temperature
  • liquid density

The tables are introduced by short definitions of the safety characteristics and correlations between them. Various indices (CAS-numbers, englisch and german synonyms, UN-numbers) help to retrieve the data.

Volume 2 shows experimental determined explosion ranges of mixtures of flammable gases with inert and oxidator gases. The values are presented in tables as well as graphically. Using the diagrams it is possible to answer the question, wether a given mixture is explosive or is in the area of total or partial  inertisation. Additionally limiting values derived from the diagrams are given in the tables: Explosion limits, limiting oxygen concentration, minimum amount of inert gas in the inert gas/oxidator mixture and the maximum allowable amount of flammable gas in the flammable gas/inert gas mixture.

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