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Comparison of the PTB and OMH Air Kerma Standards for Medium Energy x-rays

Autor(en): Istvan Csete, Ludwig Büermann, Hans-Michael Kramer und Bodo Lange
Report Typ: PTB-Bericht
Jahr: 2000
Seite(n): 15 S.
ISBN: ISBN 3-89701-592-7
Zusammenfassung: A comparison between the primary air kerma standards for medium-energy X-rays of the PTB and the OMH was made using a transfer ionisation chamber calibrated against both standards. The ratios of the calibration factors measured at PTB and OMH were between 1,0006 and 1,0015 for the BIPM medium energy X-ray series and between 0,9923 and 0,9983 for the ISO narrow-spectrum series. All ratios are well within the expanded uncertainties (k=2) and so the comparison results are satisfactory. However, the ratios of the calibration factors for the ISO narrow-spectrum series measured at the PTB and the OMH deviate systematically from those of the BIPM medium-energy X-ray qualities by about 0,5 % on the average. Possible causes could be beam non-uniformities which contribute to a different amount to the response of the primary standard and the transfer chamber in the measurements at both laboratories. The main properties of the X-ray beams and of the free-air standards at both laboratories are described.
Bemerkung: Comparison of the PTB and OMH Air Kerma Standards for Medium Energy x-rays ; (PTB-Bericht PTB-Dos-35)

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