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Fertigungskette von Si-Kugeln und interferometrische Bestimmung des Kugelvolumens

Bidirektionale Nanometrologie

Arbeitsgruppe 5.23

Aufgaben und Ziele


The objective of the working group is to develop traceable three-dimensional (3D) nanometrology for versatile applications of nanotechnologies.  True 3D metrology of nano structures including form (width, height, edge slope, corner rounding and footing) and line edge/width roughness is one of the most challenging metrology tasks today, especially the structure width which is usually referred to as the critical dimension (CD) in semiconductor industry. The tasks of the work group include the developments of CD/3D atomic force microscopes (AFMs) for non-destructive 3D nanometrology, High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HR-TEM) based 3D reference nano metrology with traceability via silicon crystal lattice, reference standards, as well as calibration services.

Main focus of the research: