Scientific Program

Program and Book of Abstracts

Below you can download the Program and Book of Abstracts.

Book of Abstracts (for viewing)
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The scientific talks are scheduled throughout the week beginning in the morning of Monday, October 12 and ending on Friday, October 16 at noon.


Keynote Speaker

Wineland, DavidNIST / USA                                            


Invited Speakers (4 more HOT TOPIC talks will be selected)

Salomon, Christophe

Bize, SébastienSYRTE - Observatoire de Paris / France

Hg lattice clock

Cole, GarrettCrystalline Mirror Solutions Vienna / Austria

Crystalline Coatings with Optical Losses Below 5 ppm

Crespo-Urrutia,      José R.MPIK Heidelberg / GermanyFrequency metrology using highly charged ions
Derevianko, AndreiUniversity of Reno / USAHunting for topological dark matter with atomic clocks
Diddams, ScottNIST / USAOptical frequency combs: The progression from laboratory scale to chip scale
Dubé, PierreNRC / CanadaSr+ single ion clock
Eikema, KjeldVrije Universiteit Amsterdam / NetherlandsRamsey-comb spectroscopy in the deep ultraviolet
Ekstrom, ChristopherUSNO / USARb fountain clock ensemble
Flury, JakobLeibniz Universität Hannover / GermanyRelativistic geodesy
Fujieda, MihoNICT / JapanFrequency comparison of optical clocks by carrier-phase two-way satellite frequency transfer
Gibble, KurtPennState University /USASystematic effects in fountain clocks
Gill, PatrickNPL / Great BritainIs the time right for a redefinition of the second by optical atomic clocks?
Giordano, VincentFEMTO-ST Institute, Besançon / FranceAutonomous Cryocooled Sapphire Oscillator: A Reference for Frequency Stability and Phase Noise Measurements
Guan, HuaChinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan / ChinaAgreement of two 40Ca+ optical clocks at mHz level
Hartnett, John G.University of Adelaide / AustraliaCryogenic oscillators
Jefferts, StevenNIST / USAMeasurements of the microwave lensing shift in NIST-F1 and NIST-F2
Kasevich, MarkStanford University / USAFrontiers in atom interferometry
Katori, HidetoshiRiken / JapanFrequency comparisons of Sr, Yb and Hg based optical lattice clocks in the lab and between the labs
Kitching, JohnNIST / USANIST on a Chip: Realizing SI Units with microfabricated alkali vapor cells
Knappe, SvenjaNIST / USAMicrofabricated Optically-Pumped Magnetometers for Biomedical Applications
Landragin, ArnaudLNE-SYRTE - Observatoire de Paris / FranceMetrology with atom interferometers: inertial sensors from the laboratory to the field
Leibrand, DavidNIST / USAThe NIST Al+ quantum-logic clock
Liu, PengChinese Academy of Science, Shanghai / China

Compact cold atom clock based on diffuse laser cooling in a cylindrical cavity

Ludlow, AndrewNIST / USA

High-stability Yb optical lattice clock with 10-18-level uncertainty

Ma, LongshenEast China Normal University, Shanghai / China

Frequency transfer in the optical domain with uncertainty of 1.5×10-20

Maleki, LuteOEwaves Inc., Pasadena, / USA

Spectrally Pure Kerr Comb RF Photonic Oscillators

Mileti, GaetanoUniversity of Neuchatel / SwissHigh performance and miniature vapour cell frequency standards
Newbury, NathanNIST / USA

Optical clock synchronization over free-space links

Peik, EkkehardPTB / GermanySearch for the low-energy isomer in 229Th and the nuclear optical clock
Peters, AchimHumboldt Universität zu Berlin / Germany

Mobile atom interferometer for absolute gravity measurements

Pottie, Paul-EricLNE - SYRTE - Observatoire de Paris / FranceLinking metrology institutes in Europe by optical fibers
Prestage, JohnJPL / USAClocks Based on Multipole Ion Traps
Rasel, Ernst-MariaLeibniz Universität Hannover / GermanyMagnetic field enabled Lamb-Dicke spectroscopy of the 1So-3Po transition in 24Mg
Rosenbusch, PeterLNE - SYRTE - Observatoire de Paris / FranceTrapped atom clock on a chip
Rovera, DanielleLNE - SYRTE - Observatoire de Paris / FranceA direct comparison between two independently calibrated time transfer techniques: T2L2 and GPS Common-Views
Salomon, ChristopheLKB - ENS Paris / FranceAtomic clock ensemble in space
Schäfer, WolfgangTimeTech GmbH, Stuttgart / GermanyPerspectives of T&F Transfer via Satellite
Sterr, UwePTB / GermanyThermal-noise limited optical cavities
Szymaniec, KrzysztofNPL / Great BritainNPL Cs fountain frequency standards – reaching the ultimate accuracy
Tobar, MichaelUniversity of Western Australia / AustraliaMicrowave clocks and resonators for fundamental tests
Vuletic, VladanMIT / USAAtomic clock below the standard quantum limit
Ye, Jun JILA / USAHigh accuracy atomic clock and its probe of quantum many-body physics
Zanon-Wilette, ThomasSorbonne Universités, Paris / FranceComposite pulses in Hyper-Ramsey spectroscopy for the next generation of atomic clocks



Two poster sessions are organized with the posters on display during the full symposium.